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This is what our clients have to say...

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"I want to thank you and Diane for conducting a fabulous estate sale in our home! As you know, this was the third sale that you did for Sara and me. The results from this sale were incredible, to say the least. Your professionalism and knowledge cannot be understated as you are the best in your profession. I can truly say you are the personification of excellence and would HIGHLY recommend you and Diane to anyone who wishes to have an estate sale. Thank you!"

"I highly recommend Donna Davis and her staff. Donna was extremely helpful and handled our sale like it was her own property.  I have already recommended Donna to two of my friends". - James Wooten, Buckhead


"Donna Davis runs a top notch operation. From the second I met her and her team, I knew that I had found the right people for the job. I interviewed several estate companies before making my decision and I can say with 100% certainty that she is the best in the business. Donna's expertise and professionalism coupled with her upbeat and friendly manner made this difficult process a breeze.  I would not hesitate to use Donna's services again and I will absolutely recommend her to my friends and colleagues. Thank you, Donna, for everything that you and your staff did to make our estate sale such a success."

Tiffany Lindsley, East Cobb - Mother's estate


"I lost my home to foreclosure. I didn't know how I would handle not only the emotional stress of losing my home, but the aspect of selling my furniture and household goods. Donna helped me not only sell my personal property but also gave me the encouragement I needed to go on to the next step of my life. I highly recommend Donna and her staff to anyone looking to make a move."
-Carmen Roberts, Lawrenceville


Dear Donna,

Lorene and I wanted to thank you for all of your help. As you remember, when Lorene was offered a new job here in Rochester we had to move fast. Taking only what we could fit in the car we left everything we owned in a house we had owned for over thirty years.  After a year of renting to a relative they moved out and squatters moved in. We were so lucky that nothing was stolen or permanently destroyed. None the less they trashed the place. Something had to be done and done quickly.  I called three estate sellers. The first walked in and walked right back out again. The second never showed up. And then you and Dianne came. Thank God!  You were able to see past the clutter and that there was three generations of family heirlooms and many unusual items present. Lorene and I knew at once that you were the one for us. Your laid back personality combined with years of experience, knowledge and professionalism helped to calm our fears right away.  The difficulty of trying to handle this liquidation from almost a thousand miles away was nerve racking. But you and your team jumped in, grabbed the ball and never looked back.  When I came back down for the sale I could not believe the number of people you had attracted to the house. Three thousand square feet and I couldn’t even walk through the place there were so many people.  I think you really went beyond the call of duty. We were completely happy with the way you displayed and priced the items for sale. And the end result was beyond my original hopes.  Best of all, being a Real Estate agent you were able to list the house and get it on the market. In the present economic climate I was prepared for a long wait to sell. I figured if we sold the house within a year we would be doing well. To my surprise you sold that house in about three months for a reasonable price that satisfied our hopes.  In closing, I can say that anyone who chooses you for their estate sale should consider themselves lucky. Thank you again for your hard work, your patience with some folks who were going through some tough times, and most of all the success you brought to us.


Sincerely, Rick & Lorene Roos

Rochester, NY

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