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    Donna Davis is the Founder and Lead Instructor of the

National Association of Estate Liquidators (NAOEL).

Donna has twenty-six years of experience in the antiques and estate sale business, and has extensive knowledge from personally researching and selling everything from 16th Century antiques to everyday household items.


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As an ISA appraiser, she is uniquely qualified to correctly price personal items, and she frequently collaborates with experts in the fields of art, antiques, jewelry, and furniture.



She and her staff continue to hold weekly estate sales in Atlanta and surrounding areas, and enjoy working with local Realtors in the disposition of real estate.


Before becoming an estate sale agent and appraiser, Donna was an interior designer, Associate Broker of Real Estate and Real Estate Trainer, antiques dealer, and auctioneer.


Donna has personally trained and mentored a number of individuals who have gone on to establish their own estate sale businesses.


She has had the privilege of working with and selling the personal property and estates of former Georgia Music Hall of Fame award winners, a legendary NFL coach, and some of the nicest families you could ever meet.